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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Horses don't have so good in all places

Greetings from Romania!
I was on a business trip in Romania this week, and had to, or, had a chance to spend couple of days on countryside.
We made a round tour, started from Bucharest and the most far city was close 400 km from the capital of Romania.

In these 2 days I had the possibility to see how things really are in the countryside. It is very big gap between the city life and country life. The countryside is very poor. Houses and barns are very old and in very bad shape.

As you can see in my photos, people are
still using very much horses to transport some things or just for going somewhere.

What really made me sad was the condition of horses. Most of them looked like they don't get enough food, hair looking like they are not taking care of properly.

People are just using their horses, not treating and taking care of them like they should.
But, there were also horses which were in very good shape. And that you could see about how the horses were acting. These poor horses did not pay any attention what was happening around them, but horses in good condition looking like they are "alive".

One romanian guy was my driver during these days, and he told me something what shocked me.
When the winter comes, gypsy people let their horses go free, because they don't need their horses on winter. And because they don't need them, they don't want to feed them!
Some horses survives over the winter on their own, some are not...
Actually I saw one dead horse stomach open, just left there on the roadside! Terrible!
I think I never can forget that view.
I just can't understand how people can act like this.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Purchased Horse Products online?

Have you ever purchased horse products through internet? I never have my self and that´s why I am curious to know which company or companies you have used.
What are their advantages and disadvantages, as delivery, quality, service, price...
Can you recommend the store you used or not?
What products you can recommend and what not?

Tell what ever you want, it might help many people to use or avoid certain stores.

Everyone of these Net stores telling how good prices, delivery, etc, but who really is good?
Let's give credit to good ones!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Horse Care or the lack of Horse Care

I really get pissed when I see horses suffering because of they have been neglected by their owner/care taker. I think people with common sense must see when some problems starts to occur, and not just see but act, try to do something. And if they don't have skills, knowledge to help the horse themselves, they must ask for help.

To tell have no money is no excuse. If somebody says that, I think that person is not wise enough to have the right to keep a horse.

If can afford to buy a horse, must afford to take care of it too. A horse is not a bike which you can put to garage and forget it there because you are not in the mood to ride it.
No, the horse needs care every day, and people can´t just wait that problems go away without doing anything.

What you think about these hooves? Didn't they need care more early?

And this poor horse then. Isn't it terrible a horse can be in that kind of condition?
Don't people realize horses are depending on us? Or is it with horses the same as with so many other things in this crazy world nowadays?

People just don't care...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photos about Injuries available?


Do you have own photos about horse tendon, horse ligament, fetlock, hoof injuries?
Or about something else?
Do you want to share them with other people?

The thing is, I want to put some photos about injuries on my website.
I can put them anonymous or with names, it is your decision.
I would be very grateful if you could send some photos to me.

You can send them to my email account:


Long break! (Is here any brave people around?)


It has been a long break of my writing. The reason is I wanted just test my skills if I can create a blog. Some how I managed to do something...:)
Once I got it this far, why should I delete it?

Now it is time to start to use it regularly. I want you to write about your own experiences with horses or/and about their problems you have faced.

Was something difficult to heal, was something easy to do, what you used to fix this problem, etc.

I think I am not the only one who is curious to know how other people have handled certain problems.
Personally I always listen what other people have to say, because you never can now who can teach you something new, useful things, skills, to help my horse(s).

If there is not right subject available for you to write to, please make a suggestion, send me an email.

So, I am asking, who is the first one?

Don't be shy:)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Horse Suspensory Ligament

Horse ligament problems are an area I had only minor problems. And I am now talking about suspensory ligament as the title tells.
Never had a total damaged suspensory ligament.
Even though I tried my best to treat it, so I could continue some kind of training all the time and keep the healing system of the horse leg active.
Cooling with ice all the time was one main key to get over the problem quite quickly.
How are you treating or preventing suspensory ligament problems?

Horse Tendons

Horse tendon injuries are one these problems I hate most. You never can be sure will the horse heal 100% or not. You will see the result just when you start to be in the normal daily level of training, or racing.
You have done everything right and put a lot of work for the process, and still you can just hope everything will be ok.

Fortunately it is so long time ago I had this kind of problem. What about you, how you feel about horse tendon problems, and what kind of advice you got from vets?